I am deploying my first Python production app with django and other Stuff. I was really happy because I was about to launch the app with the industrial-strength Apache server, which all we know is the leaner, faster web server that exists… until I was told it isn’t! It happens to be that there are faster web servers for linux, and they are just as low cost as Apache. Lighttpd, TUX and Cherokee are just some among a myriad of light-weight web servers to be used and abused.

Apache is still the web-server-of-choice for dynamic content, though. Millions of LAMP apps seem to certify this fact. It only happens to be that Apache is comparatively slow delivering static content, and static content is very important in today’s rich Internet apps (my twitter.com home, for example, measures 599.2 KB, from which 279KB are static content -mostly Javascript and images).

I am going away with Apache as my dynamic content server and lighttpd for static content. I still have to work on this because, since the app features SSL, I foresee certificate problems and the annoying browser warning that mixed (i.e. secure and non-secure) content is going to be delivered.

That’s what happens when you spend 4 years under Microsoft spell! This is the wake up call, I guess.

I’ll keep you posted on developments.