My first PRODUCTION Spring.Net application

 My first Spring.Net application got deployed on production on Oct 1st. After two weeks stabilizing, the application is working smoothly and users are happy and management is not longer complaining about my bold decision.  How I got there: 

1)      One week studying and tweaking Spring.Net’s sample applications, namely SpringAir and the Northwind database example

2)      One week building and testing my POC

3)      One week designing GUI

4)      One week designing classes

5)      Two weeks trying to convince my staff to switch their monolitical view of .NET development. It was during this period that I heard a programmer saying “there’s not such thing as Interface’s in C#”. True story.

6)      1 month coding, testing and stabilizing

7)      2 painful weeks migrating data from former system

8 )      2 weekends trying to populate a GridView from a Spring.Net IN AN EFFICIENT WAY. I finally gave up and implemented a fast lane reader for the GridViews that reads from a plain-vanilla DataSet. There must be a better way, though. 

My conclusion: C# is a great language, and IMHO it is as good as Java. Visual Studio 2005, compared with Eclipse 3.1, sucks in every single category but debugging (I don’t expect much from VS 2008 anyway). What I missed most from Eclipse were the refactoring capabilities: Visual Studio doesn’t even have a feature to create setter and getters for all properties in a class: if you want to generate a setter-getter you have to do it property-by-property, and the refactoring “wizard” takes as long as 30 secs to generate a single setter-getter pair, requiring user interaction in the middle of the operation. If you have a 15 properties DTO, just do the math!